We often function without really being present. We carry on regardless. We pull ourselves together until the weekend, the next vacation, until we retire. What would happen if we regularly paused and asked ourselves: What do I really want? What would it look like if we managed to stick to the values that are important to us? How would we feel if we consistently decided and acted in line with our values? That requires courage.


Courage is not the absence of fear. It means taking risks and action, and in a different way from before. When we are outside our comfort zone, this arouses emotions. We can learn to handle those. This does not always work straight away. Re-training yourself can take time and does not always feel great. That is human.


In companies we often behave in such a way as if colleagues, employees, or bosses were the enemy. If this is the case, we cannot care for others. We are unable to cooperate, even though it is absolutely necessary in order to achieve our goals. I love the human mind. It allows us to do great things but also often lets us behave very irrationally. The madness takes place between the ears. We can leave the madness behind when our head is clear.


We often switch to autopilot to master the challenges of our professional and private lives. When things get rough, we carry on regardless, ignoring our feelings, functioning like a machine. However, with this tried-and-tested method we are often our own worst enemy. If we are impatient or have suppressed anger issues it is difficult for us to motivate and inspire others, or to find creative problem solutions. Work becomes exhausting and frustrating. It is time to switch off the autopilot and to make new experiences.

  1. Stop, internally reduce speed.
  2. Observe.
  3. Allow and accept the current internal program (mentally, emotionally, physically). Through acceptance the program is changed.
  4. Make new decisions.

Through repeated practice, we become more and more aware of where our head is at: Am I on autopilot or am I in the here and now? Switching off the autopilot is trained intensively. The effect is astonishing. We get off the hamster wheel and achieve genuine freedom of action.


Individual coaching sessions

You have a specific goal that you want to work on efficiently and effectively. You want individual, tailor-made support with this. Then individual coaching sessions are a good approach for you.

Individual coaching sessions take place over the space of approximately six months and include 4-6 sessions at 3 hours each. They take place at my offices in Cologne’s Südstadt district. It is the perfect place to take a deep breath, to take a good look at yourself, and to achieve clarity in terms of the next steps. The actual learning, that is, applying what you have learned, takes place in your day-to-day work in between appointments.

Request Individual coaching sessions

In-house events

In your company there are a group of people who should deal with one topic in more detail. This may also concern cooperation within the group. For the work with groups, I offer various formats, for example

  • Key notes as part of major events
  • Training sessions, workshops, team coaching sessions with 2 to 16 participants
  • Development programs in several modules


  • Leadership
  • (Lateral) leadership
  • Mindfulness
  • Conflict management & dealing with emotions
  • Acting confidently for specialists
  • Dealing with pressure and stress

Open training sessions

There are individuals in your company who work on themselves intensively and may benefit from the dynamics and diversity of working with a group. These individuals would benefit from looking at the bigger picture beyond their company. There are regular opportunities to attend open training sessions at my offices

In-depth training

A training measure for participants who have already worked with me in the past and who want to expand their range of tools for topics such as motivation, conflict, and dealing with pressure.

Dec. 10 and 11, 2020 | 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
50678 Cologne, Südstadt district, Ubierring 43


PEV High Performance Boot Camp 2020

September  16th – 18th, 2020 | Lower Bavaria


Consulting on a donation basis

You would like to have a more intensive exchange with me and hear my opinion without booking a coaching or training session. You are skeptical whether coaching sessions are the right thing for you and would like to find out more information first of all.

You can make an appointment here. This works on a first come, first serve basis. For two hours, you benefit from what I do best: consulting, training, and coaching. You pay what it is worth it to you, for example, with a smile or something that you do well. In any case you pay with the most valuable thing you have: two hours of your life during which you work together with me.

Maybe you want to work on a topic without your employer being involved but you cannot afford a complete set of individual coaching sessions or attending a training seminar at the moment. Or there is currently no budget in your company for any development measures.

Why else?

Because I enjoy staying in touch with others and because I find it exciting to find out what people do with what I taught them. Because I still find it thrilling to meet (future) managers. Because a lot of good things have happened to me in life and it is time to give back. Because I believe that it is a good investment in a common future. Because money can be a reason but does not have to be an obstacle. So why not?