“Ms. Keromosemito does not reel off a standard program but deals with her participants in a very individual way. She asks questions that some may find confusing initially but that ultimately help with adopting different perspectives, gaining some distance, and achieving a relaxed and confident attitude.”

Dr. Elmar Pankau, CEO, (Malteser Hilfsdienst, Germany)

“Lara succeeds in getting to the point very quickly in coaching sessions, which has had a lasting impact on me. More specifically: A lot of inspiration to reflect intensively on my personal qualities and behavioral patterns, and at the same time very tangible methods for transferring the new insights into my everyday life. Many thanks!”

Markus Keller, COO (AXA, Switzerland)

“I have already been cooperating with Lara since 2007 when she supported me with the design and delivery of Assessment Centers for the selection of the right candidates for management positions in Africa.

In 2015, Lara strongly supported me in a politically and culturally very difficult situation with her passionate actions, which go far beyond the average consultant service, and also greatly helped me with implementing the solution for this issue.

Lara’s rather tough and highly professional approach on the one hand and her profoundly sensitive manner and methodology on the other hand motivated me personally to take part in a PEV seminar with her. Simply ingenious!”

Heiko Feuring, Head of Businessline Breweries / Plantmanager Steinecker (KRONES AG)

“Lara is a trusted coach who motivates her participants to challenge themselves and supports them with harmonizing their body and mind. A coaching session with her is a benefit for everyone!”

Dr. Christian Klein, Area Manager – Enterprise Fulfillment (Vodafone GmbH)

“Excellent Coach with extensive experience, a wide range of methods, as well as heart and brains.”

Mark Altrock, Senior HR Manager / Head of Personnel (Opitz Consulting)

“After I had already had the pleasure of working with Lara on three different occasions, I was fortunate enough to take part in a PEV seminar with her.I always find working with Lara very rewarding as she is very good at re-directing my focus back to what is essential.The experiences I made during the coaching sessions with her help me to improve the way I handle difficult situations and her continual support throughout the year is ideal.In my opinion Lara is an excellent coach and is able to convey her evaluations in a clear, direct, honest, and appreciative way – working with her is a lot of fun.”

Horst Hamberger, Head of Campaign Management (SpotCom GmbH & Co. KG)

“I have been working with Lara for quite some time now.
We first met during a management seminar with several participants. Subsequently I took part in individual coaching sessions with her.

What impresses me most is her ability to explain complex matters comprehensibly and to put them into context.

If you are open to her clear and appreciative training method and if you are willing to work on yourself, I highly recommend her coaching sessions.”

Roman Gevers, Director of Operations, EMEA (Matthews Europe GmbH & Co. KG - SGK)

“After working together with Lara for many years in different constellations, I was able to see her in a completely new light during PEV training. That was very exciting and at the same time also challenging, as the focus was on me this time. Up until this training I believed that I was well aware of the different facets of my personality and rarely questioned my methods for dealing with difficult situations. With Lara’s help, I completely rediscovered myself, which was often painful but ultimately more enriching than I could have hoped for. If you are willing to expand your horizons and to challenge yourself openly with Lara’s help, you will have a genuine opportunity to radically change things for the better.”

Andreas Horn, Head of Human Resources (KRONES AG)

“The sessions with Ms. Keromosemito are anything but run-of-the-mill. They are exciting, unusual, and sometimes exhausting, but always characterized by constructiveness, a great deal of truth, and the willingness to make progress.I learn a lot about myself, maybe also some things I didn’t necessarily want to know, but in spite of everything:this all helps me to develop in the right direction as a leader.”

A-Ram Jo, Head of High Value Customers, Consumer Mobile Postpay (Vodafone GmbH)

“I have been working with Lara for many years. Above all I value her straightforward approach (if there are any issues she pragmatically tackles them straight away), her long-standing experience, her openness to learn continuously, to rethink concepts, and to pioneer new approaches, her clarity, her unparalleled reliability, and her cheerfulness.”

Kathrin Milos, Head of Talent and Succession Management, (RWE Power)

“I have been working with Lara for almost one year now. The coaching sessions with her are very intensive and strenuous in the best sense of the words, but at the same time simply fun. Not only because of her very likeable and empathic nature, but also because she brings an extreme amount of knowledge and competence to the sessions and knows how to ask the right questions. The strong focus on the topic of mindfulness in this context was and is new for me in this form, but at the same time incredibly enriching, not only in relation to my professional situation, but above all to my personal issues. In this way I always take “tools” for everyday life with me from the sessions. All in all, the coaching sessions are therefore an enormous benefit for me. Thank you very much, Lara!”

Stephan Hartje, Head of Operations Cross Channel (toom Baumarkt GmbH)

”Lara has the talent to guide you toward a desired result or insight very quickly by asking the right questions. Working with her is a lot of fun. I feel that she understands me and that I am in very good hands with her. By listening actively and asking the right questions she helped me to get a better understanding of my role, the relevant situation I was in, and the necessary next steps.”

Katja Ceynowa, Managing Director, (PMR GmbH)

“Few things in my life have helped me more in my personal and professional life than Ms. Keromosemito’s coaching sessions. Outstanding all round.”

Christian Kastner, Managing Director (retail sector)

“Ms. Keromosemito had a very focused approach and quickly and effectively helped me with specific problems. Cooperating with her was an extremely pleasant experience.”

Jens Bergerhoff, Area Manager – Direct Sales, Private Customers (Vodafone GmbH)

“Very result-oriented, practical, lively, enjoys what she is doing, maximum learning success.”

Christian Bäcker, Customer Advisor – Municipal and Infrastructure Financing (banking sector)

“Working with Lara means facing the challenge of really wanting to change something about yourself. I have rarely spent my training budget so well and so effectively. In particular in the case of my managers, Lara’s training sessions had an immediate and above all sustainable effect. What more do you want?”

Thomas Kanschat, Managing Director SpotCom GmbH & Co. KG

“A genuinely unique trainer. Ms. Keromosemito has a very special skill: She manages to understand the issues others are facing easily, in an uncomplicated, and above all superfast way and to come up with the right tools at the right time. In my case she enabled me to look at my environment, at myself, and my thought and action patterns from completely new perspectives by asking me effective questions. She still provides me with valuable techniques today that support me in my day-to-day work and therefore reveal my talent. She has been supporting me in this process for approx. 2 years and each day I get closer to myself and the topics that are really important to me and that bring me great joy.”

Martina Zurwehme, Area Manager Marketing + Communication (furniture industry)

“She helped me to improve the structure of my day-to-day work and to look at things from a different perspective. She also took private aspects into consideration. I very much enjoyed the training, regularly apply the techniques she taught, and also successfully share them with my colleagues.”

Jenny Diefert, Head of Operational Processes/Key Account Manager (GETEC Daten- und Abrechnungsmanagement GmbH)

“Ms. Keromosemito is one of very few people who understands how to create acceptance at all hierarchy levels. Her assessments are clear, direct, and outstanding from an analytical point of view, which she communicates in an appreciative way.”

Heiko Friedrichs, Head of Management Development (RWE Generation)

“Lara Keromosemito offers what you need: in a crystal clear, appreciative, to the point, and supportive way”

Martin Gasser, Director Training & Development (cruise company)

“In each situation the coach knew exactly what to do. Even when faced with the spontaneous change of the coaching strategy (or topics) she remained confident and there were no problems. She understands you perfectly and you feel in good hands with her. The “homework” was not always easy but efficient and effective. The mindset and approaches she conveys offer a new, different perspective of the topic and take you to a different level of consciousness – if you are open to this. Highly recommended!”

Andreas Pikelj, Head of SAP Basis Services (C&A Coaching took place in 2017)

“When I started working with Lara I wanted to find out above all how I could become more confident and relaxed and how I could generally develop all sorts of other similarly cool characteristics. We all know the feeling – we want to perform well and at the same time be “noble, helpful, and good,” but as soon as we are faced with a stressful situation all that goes out the window and we behave very differently. In any case we don’t do any of the things clever self-help books recommend.

Lara’s training method is different and more detailed than anything I have experienced in other personnel development seminars. She explains what happens in your body during stressful situations, the interaction of emotions and thoughts, and conveys effective techniques that help us to act from a conscious state of mind.

The unique aspect of her training method is that the theoretical phase is followed by a very intensive practical phase. Together we gently get to the bottom of stressful thoughts and emotions and practice the miraculous power of breathing properly. The training hours sometimes felt like extremely hard work, but it was worth it. Slowly but surely, performance pressure, critical situations and meetings no longer seem so stressful. The environment has not changed, but my perception has. There is no hocus pocus involved, only self-awareness, the awareness of our own projections and behavioral patterns.

The realizations are exceptionally enriching and go way beyond a fulfilling professional life. A pleasant and positive side effect was that my family, friends, and colleagues also noticed the changes in me.”

Marina Dietz, Vice President, Financial Institutions Asia / Europe (DEG Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH)

“The coaching measure offered by Ms. Keromosemito was based on mutual trust and, in connection with her subtle methods, led to unexpected results. I clearly recommend her.”

Philip Heiermann, HR Officer to the IT & HR Advisor, RWE Power AG

”As a result of her long-standing professional experience, Ms. Keromosemito successfully works with a large variety of target groups. She speaks the “language” of the relevant employees, gets them on board in this way, and arouses their enthusiasm for the training contents. One of the many reasons I enjoy working with Ms. Keromosemito again and again.”

Kathrin Hänisch, Personnel Developer, Training and Development, (Armacell GmbH)

“Competent and practical training measures in the area of management development. “Employee Appraisal” and “Conducting Employee Discussions” have a very motivating and beneficial effect on all those involved. With her ability to convince others and her sensitivity, Ms. Keromosemito quickly identifies the employees’ strengths and potential and fosters them for the benefit of a result-oriented training goal. We have been working with Ms. Keromosemito for several years and fully trust in her abilities, her concepts, and her practical experience. She has an efficient, effective, and clear style of training that also includes a dynamic approach and great sense of humor.”

Christina Randig, Specialist Human Resources (Morpho)

“For more than 10 years I have been enjoying working with Ms. Keromosemito with great success. She has been repeatedly supporting me and my team since the formation of E-Bridge in leadership questions as part of the personnel development measures in the company. She has a pragmatic, flexible, and clear approach and makes an important contribution to our consultants’ personal development and to the successful and positive cooperation in our entire team.”

Dr. Jens Büchner, Managing Director (E-Bridge Consulting GmbH)

“Having to assert myself as a woman in a male domain is a daily challenge. I can successfully manage this with charm, clarity, calmness, and conviction. This requires training, practice, and experience. The latter happens automatically, with the other points Lara has always helped me. She does not know the answers to all the questions, but she helps me to find solutions. There is no witchcraft involved and instead she focuses on the here and now. With many small mental bridges, simple questions, and calmness I have learned to stand my ground as a woman. I THANK YOU FOR THAT.”

Katja Geißler, Head of Global HR Business Partner (KRONES AG)

“I have been working with Lara Keromosemito for many years and value her greatly as a very cooperative, committed, and authentic trainer. Lara is very good at adapting to our individual needs and therefore provides valuable input.”

Carolin Krebs, Senior Consultant People Development (Standard Life)


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